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This 27-year-old young man from Lommel aspired from an early age to become a race driver. At the age of 10 he made his first laps on the indoor karting circuit. Soon he was picked up by Daems Racing Team, who taught him the first tricks and techniques of the trade. After a few years, it was time for a new challenge, the Legend Car Series! In this 2 seasons he gained track experience and became more adequate at sprint racing

In 2007, Niels Lagrange wrote history as the youngest pilot ever (16) to act on the starting grid of the 24 Hours of Zolder with a Dodge Viper. However, he has gained the most experience beneath the wings of First Motorsport, guided by Jo Jamers. In 2008, his first season Belgian GT Championship, Niels won the championship title in division 3 and a second general place during the 24 Hours of Zolder. With First Motorsport, Niels Lagrange descended that same year to Dubai, to appear at the start of the famous 24h-race.

With the brand new Lamborghini Gallorde LP560-4 from Argo Racing team, Lagrange starts the new season of the Belcar Endurance. With this showpiece, he and his teammate Danny De Laet throw big eyes in the racing world and gets many pole positions on his name.

After a break of a few years Niels Lagrange goes back in 2015 to the start line of the 24 Hours of Zolder with a BMW 235i. Niels feels the passion again and decides to participate in the BMW 235i Cup in 2016, in collaboration with the company Chrisal. This cooperation is going so well that in 2017 a European championship is being chosen, the Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe This all happened under the supervision of Chrisal Leipert Motorsport and with teammate Pieter Vanneste. The duo managed to place themselves on the podium in Pro-Am class several times with their Lamborghini Huracán.




The Autodrome Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit is located in Imola, Italy. Located in the woods South-east of Balogna next to the Santerno river. The circuit was named after the founder of Ferrari and his son, Enzo & Dino Ferrari. Also here, up to and including 2016, a Formula 1 competition was ridden annually under the name of Grand Prix San Marino. A legendary circuit where many accidents happened in the past including the most famous with Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna. Because of all these accidents, the circuit was modified over the years so the races could be driven safe fully.

Niels Lagrange and Pieter Vanneste were the fourth to leave to the Italian Imola for the final manche of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. A third place was for the crew of the Chrisal Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini. They were excited because they had driven two great races that did not deliver the expected result. During the first race Pieter climbed to the second place at the end when the race was flagged under code red. That is why the result of a round earlier was caught with a disappointing fourth

Niels, for his part, was also on course to win a second place in the second race until a flat tire in the last lap again blew a brilliant result. "We could have moved up to the third place, but we were not allowed, I hope it will be better during the World Final," said Niels before the start of the World Final.

Twice was started from the 5’th spot in PRO AM and the 10’th starting row in general. Two times after a brilliant race they managed to push forward to the podium with two second places in a row. The winners of the first race in PRO AM were in fourth position in race 2, making Niels Lagrange a virtual champion at a certain moment. But in the final round the Piscopo / Proto duo went past the Dutchman Snoeks, which gave them enough with a 3’th place for the title. With two second places Niels and Pieter received silver and so they could close the season in a brilliant way with a fourth place in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe and as vice champions in the World Final. At the professionals the title was for Hindman-Agostini in a Lamborghini of Prestige Performance.




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